Welcome to the media to avoid no land largest model railway in the world and one half the most popular Tourist attractions in Germany however mania twelve on the is land located in hamburg is much is much more than just a model railway spending over one thousand one hundred square meters and built in over five hundred thousand.
Working hours of virtual world has evolved with incredible attention to detail round about five million visitors already enter this adventure for the whole family in only a few moments you were go from Scandinavia lava Germany Austria and Switzerland try to the distant America in American eyes you can experience the nightlife of las Vegas at the natural beauty of the grand canyon and the rocky mountains experience the fantasy regions .
In Denmark no way all eternally snow covered Sweden along the north into them metropolitan city of hamburg with many of its impressive buildings and landmarks recreated in loving detail Indian hopes in Switzerland at Maya forests and delvers vegetation dim too steep mountainsides dotted with rusty caps and railroads the famous.As the city of committing in there’s a special attraction with a busy fire department the battle periodic frail blazes additionally  nothing in police department works hard on traffic control pulling over speeding cars generally speaking they are over one hundred and seventy computer controlled Carson to Scandinavia and Mary conner and clotting in ares of Armenia to a woman and they are eight hundred trains with approximately.
Ten thousand railroad cars which Travel several hundred kilometers each day the longest rain has the length of fourteen and a half meet all together over ten kilometers off track has been made on the northeast see with thirty thousand lated water capacity you will experience ships large and small all going about their business on the computer control them in your twelve on the land is not only a lot of Trains ships and landscapes but also of people Karen to you a bout over two hundred thousand small inhabitants residing re presenting all possible real life situations sick people thin people and animals are very strong famous chandelier working population.
Entertaining frank each other or no longer so life once into any amounts and other very shy herds and above all you examine the life like it is real nearly all inhabitants of mania twelve on the lunch have a roof over their head discover large buildings small buildings houses upside down all secret underground bases houses with bad reputation city halls and lighthouses at the costs distributed all along the railing off the accident can be found over one hundred and fifty push button actions with which all visitors can interact with the life and promotional curing and the wonderland from a central control stand.
The complete technique is super vised and controlled by human eyes with help of the more than forty computers more than two hundred camera supporting the coworkers doing the job their creative team off one hundred and sixty eight associates is never a short of ideas since this was section with towering mountains of six meters height enormous from the colors and more than attractions has been finished

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